SINOPOS provide the professional independent of port cost management services in Great China & Singapore. Our mission is to help our principal to minimize the port expenses, create operational efficiency and provide one stop solution in terms of port operation in Great China and Singapore. We have helped customers transform port cost management practices and establish new standards for efficiency and oversight. Improved communication flow with a single dedicated expert, coordinating all your port calls around the world, located in your time zone and speaking your language.

SINOPOS is focused exclusively in the DA process. Your team will be free to focus on other important tasks because our team of skilled knowledge workers will manage very painstaking detail. We are also able to reduce port expenses and pass savings directly to you.

Charterers Nominated Agency (CNA)
SINO-POS offers a full agency service, covering all cargo requirements and documentation, inward and outward clearance, ordering of pilot, tugs, stevedores and other services for and on behalf of the Charterer, with the disbursement account being sent to the appointing party.

Owners Nominated Agency (ONA)
Similar in nature to the Charterers Nominated Agency (CNA) service but provided for and on behalf of the ship owner. ONA includes full agency services like CNA.

Owners Protecting Agency (OPA)
A full supervisory service to protect the Ship owner’s interests in monitoring and reviewing the Charterers’ agency function and overseeing all the port activities.

Owners Husbandry Agency (OHA)
A comprehensive Owners' Husbandry Agency service to ensure dry docking, repairs, spares and stores, crew matters, cash to Master and other Owners' husbandry requirements are met. With a Husbandry service agreement, you can save up to 20% in charged agency related fees.

We have surveyor working in tandem with us to provide survey services covering on/off hire, bulk carrier pre trip advisory survey, cargo holds survey, protective survey, pre loading survey, draft survey, assistance in loading and discharging management, cargo claims, claims adjusting and related services. Our surveyor services are available in China/S.E Asia & Australian.

On a wider scale, general consultancy and services include, but are not limited to :-
● Marine superintendence / navigation audit & advisory
● Sea Trials / Deep Sea Pilotage
● Damage surveys – cargo
● Damage surveys – vessel
● Casualty surveys
● Warranty Tow surveys
● CSO (Company Security Officer) and SSO (Ship Security Officer) advisory 
● FSC (Flag State Control) and PSC (Port State Control) consultancy
● ISPS and ISM consultancy
● Ship Delivery – new buildings and decommissioning voyages
● Embarked Security Teams for High Risk Areas
● Naval Architectural & Ship Design work

We offer an upgraded cargo hold cleaning solution, combining high-performance cleaning agents and mobile equipment to help ship owners, operators and their crews stay safe and compliant in China and Singapore. Our cleaning solutions are designed to achieve the same results every time: safe, simple cargo hold cleaning and reduced turnaround times in port. we help customers stay compliant and save cost.

Our supervisor well understand the grain loading standard in Australia / USA / Canada / New Zealand/ S.Arica / S.America. We will provide tailor-made solutions for your business needs when your ships call all Chinese ports.

Our coverage of the maritime market is one of the most comprehensive in the market, and includes Newbuilding, Sale and Purchase, and Chartering activities in all the major shipping segments: Tanker, Dry Bulk, Chemical, LNG, LPG, Offshore, Liner and Yachting.

Our experienced post fixture personnel are based in Singapore, Shanghai offices for both Dry Cargo, Tanker, Chemical and Containers, supporting our brokers across the SINO-POS group.

Once a fixture is concluded by our brokers, we take over and oversee the voyage or a time charter from the beginning to the end of the contract. We are the communication centre between the Owners and the Charterers. We are contactable out of office hours too and attend to messages in the evenings and weekends.

We are also able to assist our clients with every aspect of a vessel’s daily operation such as issuing voyage instructions to the Master, drawing up hire / freight statements, appointing agents etc., as required.

Today's globalised trade and the opening of niche markets makes choosing the right ship repair companies even more complex. SINO-POS has been appointed as the main agent for reputable shipyards around China and Singapore. Moreover, in order to respond to the high quality requirements set for dry bulk / tanker / LNG ship repairs, SINO-POS is the company in Singapore that proudly represents on an exclusive broker for YLSK which is founded in 1989. We focuses on ship repair, has technological knowledge in steel work, coating and painting, machinery maintenance, oil tanks' conversion and offshore repairs and conversions. Yiu Lian Dockyards (Shekou) Ltd. with its rich experience and high-quality team work has successfully completed repair of all sorts of vessels and rigs at home and abroad.

The benefits from the exclusive agencies is tt the shipping companies can rely on a worldwide network of reputable ship repair companies that can offer quality service at competitive prices.

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